Children’s Vision

When it comes to vision, the needs of children and adults differ greatly.

When it comes to vision, children and adults needs differ greatly.  For one, children tend to have a hard time assessing their own vision, and usually assume that the way they see the blackboard or a page in a book is the same as everybody else.  Poor vision can seriously affect your child’s development, and visual fatigue can hamper progress at school.

If your child is having trouble paying attention in class, is slow in learning to read, or if they tend to be withdrawn and find it hard to get along with other children, they may need vision care.  We will work closely with parents, as well as teachers and other health professionals to provide a holistic approach to assessing and treating your child’s vision.

Our Behavioural Optometrists work in conjuction with our Vision Therapists to also offer in-office therapy consultations for one-on-one continuing care to help your child reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

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