Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a program of activities prescribed by your Behavioural Optometrist and conducted by a qualified Vision Therapist in weekly sessions.  To achieve success in Vision Therapy, each program is individually created according to each patients specific needs.

Vision Therapy aims to improve the function of the visual system.  We target specific areas of difficulty to enhance the overall performance of your vision and in turn improve learning, reading, coordination and concentration skills.

To have good vision, all aspects of the visual system need to work together efficiently, these include:

Eye Aiming – To track with the  eyes efficiently, such as reading without losing place

Visual Attention – To use fixation and peripheral awareness to sustain concentration on a task

Eye Teaming – To point both eyes accurately at the same time and at the same place

Focusing – To change focus from far to close with ease

Visual Processing – To better interpret visual information

Our  Vision Therapist , Jo Baker, works out of The Range Shopping Centre Practice

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